Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Imperial" "Teacup" "Tiny Shih Tzu " CAUTION!

Make sure you know what your getting before you bring your little bundle home!!

Visit the official AKC Shih Tzu website and read the truth . You don't want to be one of those caught in a puppy marketing scam, calling them Imperial Shih Tzu, Teacup Shih Tzu, Tiny Shih Tzu. They have renamed Shih Tzu to attract buyers. Many on the web ads look like they have been breed to smaller breeds back in their background, many have lost the beautiful big Round heads & eyes, and have developed narrow down turned noses, and pale (fading) pink skin around the rims of the eye, nose, and lips. Dark cole black is what the standard calls for unless they are a blue, or liver. The history of the breed is also on the AKC site and shows that there is no other breed that was brought out of Asia. The is no proof of separate Imperial Genes (I wish they would come forward with the stud book record that backs their claims). Please just be careful if you truly want a true genuine Shih Tzu.
We breed our dogs to AKC Shih Tzu standard and have many beautiful representatives of this beautiful breed. Again I want to stress the uttmost importance to do your homework and visit the official AKC Shih Tzu website


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  2. BEWARE: I did get a small shih tzu with papers (AKC), but it was a new AKC application-no background bloodlines. After I got her home, I noticed she was snorting a lot. Though beautiful , something was wrong. I took her to the vet and they informed me though she was full shih tzu, her very small size came from years of inbreeding "runts". Hard to believe? Yes, me too but true. She has health problems such as un developed nasal passages so breathing is a chore and if not corrected, can cause serious* long term affects such as heart problems, and other fatal conditions. She is so small, we will have to wait to see if she lives and is strong enough for the surgery. She was also flea & tick infested. She's 3&1/2 mo old. She CANNOT be frontlined so I had to bath her in Dawn to kill the fleas. These people have to be stopped. Everyday is a miracle for her. I pray she can hold on until the vet thinks she's old enough and strong enough. At 3 mo, she's barely a pound. She's a beautiful miracle..I pray everyday I don't lose her. This woman also got 500.00 per pup and I found out one of the darker ones has already died. She's white/liver so this woman has a real scam going on. Please do your homework and lets put these people "OUT OF BUSINESS". If you live in Tennessee, her name is Gail Tidwell so stay away!(Make sure you always get a DNA code!) My vet bills because of specialist in respiratory and other issues are sky high but in the end,she's worth it. She has also been reported to the American Kennel Club. Be careful and watch for this growing "scam" that is nothing short of cruelty to animals of any kind.