Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Theo" Is New American Champion!!

NEW CHAMPION............... "Theo "
Amitzu China's Got The Look

Toy Group waiting for his Group 4 ribbon!

This is Sunday In the Toy Group waiting for the

Big Group 1 Ribbon

Jaime, giving Theo a last minute touch up!!!

In the Toy Ring on Saturday.

This is from Saturday winning his Championship

and Best of Breed!

Winning Best of Breed!

The Bred-By Class on Saturday!

Theo is a son of:

Sire: BIS BISS Braz. Am. Can. CH. Symaruns' One Last Look, "Lance" who is currently the number #1 Shih Tzu in Brazil 2011.

Dam: BIS BISS Am. CH. Amitzu China Doll, America's #1 Female Shih Tzu 2009.

Taffe and Theo had an outstanding weekend at the Sacramento Valley All breed show. Theo won Winner's Dog and then BOB for a 5 pt major over 3 specials, to become a NEW CHAMPION! Then went on to win a Group 4, Saturday!!

The next day he was moved up as a Champion, and won another BOB worth 5 pts, and then received a Group 1 placement! Very very proud day!!!

Taffe McFadden, his co-owner/breeder/handler always does such an outstanding job!!!!! and his Top Notch groomer/fan Jaime Larkman, again worked her magic and made him beautiful!!

It gave me goosebumps!!

All this at the young age of 13 months old!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

"Theo" in Dixon 2011

First, time out with Taffe! "Theo" is 10 months old, this is at the August Dixon show 2011.

Very excited to get one of China Doll's first puppies out in the show ring. He is a very happy, sometimes so happy it's hard for him to keep his feet on the floor...he thinks if he jumps high enough he'll grow wings and fly! Top ranked parents of beautiful Shih tzu puppies.

Occasionally a few times a year we have beautiful Shih Tzu puppies available,

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puppy Wins Group

This is Amitzu China's Got The Look "Theo" who got a "Group 2" in the puppy group on Saturday at the Reno Show and a "Group 3" on Sunday in the Bred-By group at 11 month of age.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Special Birthday / Welcome Back

Special Birthday for Taffe

A special birthday for a very special person!! This was her first show back after being gone for a year after multiple surgeries for a rare cancer. Made this birthday even that more important!

Busted!! caught Miss Jaime feeding Mr Theo some double chocolate cake!!

Shih Tzu puppy

Great fun with all the dog show family and friends!!

This is at Dixon California at the Richmond Dog Show in August 2011

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our New & First Grand Champion!

New Grand Champion!! under Judge: Donelle Richards, March 25, in Vallejo, California GCH Amitzu Special Edition

This picture is from the Golden Gate Shih Tzu Club show in February 2011

Grand Champion GCH Amitzu Special Edition "Eddie"

"Eddie" is out of:

CH Yingsu's Hav'N A GoodTime At Amitzu and CH Blue Hills Dark Shadow, ROM

An Amazing fast, fun run to a Grand Champion finish!! "Eddie" won his Championship on February 11th, at the Albany Cluster and the remaining 3 days picked up 6 Grand Champion points by beating a special. Then the very next weekend was the San Jose Cluster with the Golden Gate Shih Tzu Specialty and he got (three) 5 point majors, and (one) 3 point majors for a total now of 24 points in 11 days. I did a stupid thing on the 3rd morning I forgot to set my alarm to go move him up to the Best of Breed class or he may have finished his grand champion in 2 back to back week-ends!! The next show was a month away for us but he won Best of Breed the first day with 2 more points and is now a Grand Champion on March 25th, 2011. Very excited for our first Grand Championship since AKC added this new award, and did in such fast fashion.

Side note: Instead of showing Eddie that 3rd day, I helped good friend Diane Boone show her girl and we won winners bitch with a major to finish her...Congradulations Diane on another Champion!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Champion! Soon To Be Grand Champion "Eddie"

Judge: Ekarat Sangkunakup, Gold Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers, San Jose, February 2011. Judge: Ms Carolyn Taylor, NorCal Toy Show, San Jose Februaruy, 2011.

Yeah!! it's Official Amitzu Special Edition is now a Champion! He acheived it on February 10, 2011, and picked up 6 Grand Champion points the next 3 days. Then the following weekend he got three (5) point majors and one (3) point over multiple Shih Tzu Champions each day for a weekend total of 18 point, so add the 6 he has 24 of his 25 Grand Champion points in back to back week-end, outstanding.

I made a stupid stupid mistake I forgot to get up early one day and move him up from the classes to the Best of Breed, so he probably would have completed his Grand Champion in 2 week-ends if I hadn't been so stupid!!! Very proud of you little man, I'm so sorry I blew it. So, glad you are so forgiving!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Imperial" "Teacup" "Tiny Shih Tzu " CAUTION!

Make sure you know what your getting before you bring your little bundle home!!

Visit the official AKC Shih Tzu website and read the truth . You don't want to be one of those caught in a puppy marketing scam, calling them Imperial Shih Tzu, Teacup Shih Tzu, Tiny Shih Tzu. They have renamed Shih Tzu to attract buyers. Many on the web ads look like they have been breed to smaller breeds back in their background, many have lost the beautiful big Round heads & eyes, and have developed narrow down turned noses, and pale (fading) pink skin around the rims of the eye, nose, and lips. Dark cole black is what the standard calls for unless they are a blue, or liver. The history of the breed is also on the AKC site and shows that there is no other breed that was brought out of Asia. The is no proof of separate Imperial Genes (I wish they would come forward with the stud book record that backs their claims). Please just be careful if you truly want a true genuine Shih Tzu.
We breed our dogs to AKC Shih Tzu standard and have many beautiful representatives of this beautiful breed. Again I want to stress the uttmost importance to do your homework and visit the official AKC Shih Tzu website

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taffe & China Story

This article was published in the 2010 winter issue of The Shih Tzu Reporter.

At the time of this blog Taffe McFadden has been through 4 majors surgeries for her rare cancer, and she still has her beautiful smile. The world would be a great place if we had more great people like her.

go to A great magazine of current show Shih Tzu and breed articles.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Group 1 Win

Group 1 Win
This was fun! Wine Country Kennel Club, in Napa. They had on Sunday a Amateur-Owner-Handler classes/group with a $1000.00 trophy, so we where within 7 dogs of winning that but Oh, darn. It's a really fun show to attend.
Good job!
Amitzu Special Edition,
He is out of

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Memories at Long Beach Shows!

The Biggest Show of the Year! AKC Eukanuba

We had an Outstanding! Winning! Fun time!! with two of our youngster's just getting started!!!

1st day Beverly Hills Kennel Club, "Alora" Amitzu Alluring Moment won it All!! At the age of 6 months old she bet all the specials and won Best of Winners! and Best of Breed!! this is real special for a little one at such a big show!!

Drinks were on me tonight!! That seem wrong..shouldn't the looser's pay up!?!

2nd Day Los Encinos Kennel Club, "Eddie" Amitzu Special Edition wins Best of Winners!

More dinner celebration and drinks!!

The 3rd day Long Beach Kennel Club and "Alora" Amitzu Alluring Moment won Best of Winners and Best Of Opposite Sex again over several specials!

Showing off our Ribbons! Peggy Souza and "Jema" won Best of Opposite Sex. "Eddie" Amitzu Special Edition was Best Of Winners at the Los Encinos Kennel Club show in Long Beach 2010. Worth another night of dinner and drinks!

This was just having fun and taking some picture's of "Alora" with her friends the Penguins from the South Pole.

AKC Eukanuba Long Beach 2009

Pictured are 4 of the 8 dogs in the ring, left to right. Jennifer Miller & "Cody", Mandy Carlosn & "Luca", Taffe McFadden & "China, Adrian & "Candy"

This is our wonderful girl and gift... She won Best Of Opposite Sex!

BIS BISS CH. Amitzu China Doll "CHINA" with her awesome handler/co-owner Taffe McFadden.

AKC Eukanuba in Long Beach 2006

This was our 1st year to Long Beach!
Love southern California in the winter time.

Everyone needs to go!! This is a very exciting show to attend if you have ever wanted to see beautiful dogs at their very best. This show is where the best of the best come at the end of the year.

Fun Fun Fun..............

Our Ch. Amitzu Famous Star "Antonio"
won the first Award Of Excellence under Judge, Jacqueline Stacy entered as a Bred-By Champion at the young age of 15 months.

We love staying at the makes this trip even more wonderful, plus it's just across the street from the Convention Center.

This was an amazing win for me! I never would have thought I could do this myself against top ranked dogs and their handler's. This will probably be my most memorable win ever...with my first bred-by Champion.

Three different years, three great fun years!