Saturday, September 4, 2010

"China Doll" Answer To Prayer

Amazing story of our precious Amitzu China Doll! We knew from early on she had great Shih Tzu attributes. Started her special career in the summer of 2009 and in 4-5 short months with limited showing she had 2 Best In Show wins, with multiple group placements. She ended 2009 as the #1 American Shih Tzu Female, and #3 all breed. Then the day to fly to New York for the big show " 2010 Westminister Show" she was taken to the Vet. Initial results a bladder infection, blood results came a few hours later with very critical low values. With two very bad possible diagnosis she underwent 3 bone marrow and core biopsies, trying to find a diagnosis after 9 very long days. They could never determine what attacked her bone marrow but she was improving with just antibiotics (No Chemo or Steroids). Some would say a miracle, I say "an answer to my prayer". Devastated that China didn't make it to the "big show", but more devastated that she may have a terminal illness.
We have a very healthy "China Doll" today. We showed her at the American Shih Tzu National in May, even tho she showed with about half of her coat which had been shaved under the coat for her 3 biopsies and from the stress of the illness she had lost a lot of coat, but through it all she won the Best Of Opposite at the National. We ended her show career at the young age of 2 as she was just entering her prime, but we know what we have in her...and that is the biggest gift of all!

A Special Huge Thank You! to Taffe McFadden, her wonderful amazing handler for staying with her out in California and awesome care of her, and to Peggy Souza for being with me in New York and being so far away from China and her immediate crisis. These great ladies gave up a lot that week for China and me!! and Jaime Larkman, who is such a great support and fan of China's through this whole ordeal. We are forever grateful for great friends like these, and an amazing dog with answered prayer!! Thank You BIS BISS CH. Amitzu China Doll for all the great memories!

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  1. You have so much to be proud of in your breeding program. I love your dogs!!! Great job at blogging. Wanna come do mine???

    Tian Mi Shih tzu