Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shasta Kennel Club goes Hawaiian


Amitzu Shih Tzu wants to congratulate Shasta Kennel Club on a successful all-breed dog show this year. June in northern California is known for being hot, that is where the Hawaiian theme came in. Take off the suits and throw on a cool hawaiian print, now hang loose, and enjoy the show. Come meet us with our
Shih Tzu next June in warm Gridley, California, for another great dog show. The word on the street is that they will have Toys and Terriers in air conditioned building, Yahoo! Good job!
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Dedicated to breeding quality Shih Tzu AKC champion in beautiful California with Shih Tzu puppies available occasionally.
Beware of the tea cup, tiny, imperial Shih Tzu breeders they have just breed runts to runts and have lost the beautiful big round heads and big black eyes that the breed originally had. Plus, with health issues. Shop carefully!!!!

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